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Welcome to the Allband technical support portal. This site has many tools that may be utilized by technical support to help you with any isuses you may be experiencing. You can also find resources to help address many common issues and questions that you may have.

Remote Support

If you have been directed here by your support representative then click the button below to begin a remote support session.

Remote Support

Increase Email Sending Limit

Allband imposes an email sending rate limit as a security measure. This means if you send 1 email to 30 people or 30 emails to 1 person within 30 minutes, we will block subsequent email for a period of time. In the event you require sending emails out to more than 30 people within a 30 minute period, (I.E. a newsletter, business correspondence, mailing list or some other reason) you can request your sending limit be increase by filling out the form below. The rate increase request will be subject to review and approval. Once approved, your rate limit will be increased and you will be notified when complete..

Increase My Limit

Speed Test

Run our speed test application to test your internet speed.

Speed Test

F-Secure Software

Click the button below if you would like more information about the F-Secure software, guides for the software, or need a download link.

Information, Downloads, and More


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Tech Support (Available 24/7): 989.369.9999



Incoming message size limit: 50M

Upload attachment size limit:10M

Mail Client Settings

Incoming (IMAP): Port 143

Incoming (POP): Port 110

Outgoing (SMTP): Port 587

Incoming/Outgoing message size limit: 50MB